Plate mounter

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    Sleeve Plate Mounter General Specifications 

    1. Left-right registration is adapted with very precise liner guide rail(Brand Hiwin, Taiwan). The camera lens is adjustable.

    2. It comes with advanced zoom fixed lens , high-definition CCD camera, LCD monitor.

    3. Camera can be adjusted with 6 direction, with adjustable parallelism, high precision plate mounting, accuracy registration. It adapt mechanical fine-tuning mechanism for registration so that exact alignment can be moved with the reference line of the plate, to make sure the plate position and precision.

    4. With Special plate pressure roller, so that the plate and double-sided tape tightlock, reliable and practical.

    5. The accuracy can be directly checked once after mounting finished to make sure the mounting quality

    6. Fast plate mounting, easy operation, efficiency is greatly improved.

    7. It is suitable to flexo press, letterpress plate mounting.

    8.  It comes with an adapter to fit inner diameter 85mm and 700mm long sleeves plate mounting.

    9. It can do shaftless plate roller plate mounting.


    Parameter(Standard model)


    Plate length(mm)


    Weight (KG)

    Power (KW)







    Plate Mounting Machine

    Production range:      

    1. Three side seal bags

    2. Three side seal zipper bags

    3. Stand-up bags

    4. Stand-up zipper bags

    5. Stand-up bottom gusset bags

    6. Stand-up bottom guest zipper bags

    7. Four sides seal bags with two side gusset

    8. Seamless stand-up bag

    Main Specifications:

    1. Main electrical equipment:Five servo motor with Matsushita programmable controller(PLC)

    2. Main drive:Servo motor

    3. Temp.control:20 stages

    4. Material type: Laminated film like BOPP.COPP.PET.PVC.NYLON,multi-layer extrusion film.AL.plated film,Paper-Plastic laminated web

    5. Max. bag-making speed:

             Three-edge sealed bag: 3-140 pcs/min 
            Self-standing bag:3-130  pcs/min (actual tempo depending on the length and shape of bags to be made)  
            Zipper bag: 3-130  pcs/min (actual tempo depending on the length and shape of bags to be made)
            Stan-up bags with zipper: 3-120  pcs/min (
            Double cutting blade model: 110 pcs/min

    1. Max. reel-out linear speed:≤35M/min (depending on the length and shape of bags to be made)

    2. Dimensions of bags to be made:  Length:three-edge sealed bag 400 mm,Zipper bags 370mm, More length value is realized by multiple-feeding. N=1,2,3,4,5,6 (multiple-feeding)

    width:600 mm(3 side sealed bags); 540mm(Zipper bag, Stand-up bags)

    1. Max. size reeled material:  Ф800mm×1240mm(diameter×width)

    2. Positioning precision:     ≤0.5mm

    3. Heat sealing knife:         Vertical:   4 groups,840mm;    cooling: 4 groups 520mm

                                                      Horizontal: 4 groups 640mm;   cooling: 2 groups 640mm
                                                      Zipper:    2 groups 750mm;    cooling: 2 groups 400mm

    1. Nos. of electric-heating block: 20 pieces

    2. Temp. setting range:         Room temp.~300ºC

    3. Power of entire machine:     58kW

    4. Overall dimensions:         16000 × 2200 × 1900 mm (L × W × H)

    5. Net weight of entire machine: approx. 7500kg

    6. Color:                    Grey color, black body and stainless cover  (customization is available)

    7. Model/type of control system: PLC + 10" Touch screen