Label and Film Printing

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    Unwind and Rewind adopts magnetic break and magnetic clutch for automatic tension control, controller Mitsubishi.
    Ceramic anilox for ink transfer
    Adopts 360 degree registration
    IR and UV dryer available
    Main motor controlled by inverter
    Options includes Lamination, Foil stamping, UV varnishing, Rotary die cutting, Sheeting etc

    Printing Speed5-60m/min
    Printing Color5 Colours
    Max. Web Width320mm
    Max. Printing Width310mm
    Max. Unwinding Diameter600mm
    Max. Rewinding Diameter550mm
    Printing Girth175-380mm
    Precision Of Chromatography士0.10mm
    Dimensions (K*W*H)2100*1100*2600mm
    Machine WeightAbout 2600 kg