Packaging Printing
CI Flexo Printing Machine

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    l  Unwinding unit

    l  Unwinding driven unit

    l  Pre-heating unit

    l  Printing unit

    l  Drying unit

    l  Rewinding driven unit

    l  Rewinding unitl  Control system and operating platform


    A.     Printing material:                                                       PP\PE\PET\PVC...

    B.      Web thickness:                                                         10-70μm

    C.      Max. printing width:                                                  800~1500mm

    D.     Printing colors:                                                          4~12 colors

    E.      Printing repeat:                                                        400-800mmφ127-φ255mm

    F.    Plate/Tape thickness                                                (a) 1.7+0.38mm    (b) 1.143+0.5mm 

    G.     Max. machine speed:                                                 450m/min

    H.     Printing speed:                                                         15-400m/min

    I.       Lubrication system:                                                  Centralized lubrication

    J.       Web direction:                                                         From left to right(from operator’s side)

    K.      Ink type                                                               Water-based,  ethanol-based or solvent-based ink

    L.      Driven method:                                                        Servo motor driven

    M.     Register precision:                                                    ±0.1mm

    N.     Power supply:                                                          380V,50Hz(Or at customer’s requirement)

    O.     Max. unwind/rewind diameter:                                  φ600mm

    P.      Heating method:                                                     Electrical heating (Available of  hot oil, gas heating)

    Q.     Total Motor power:                                                  110kw(based on 1200-8)

    R.      Running power:                                                     60KW  (based on 1200-8)  

    S.      Electrical heating power:                                         120KW (based on 1200-8)

    T.      Max. noise                                                         Lower than 85dBa(1m from the machine)

    U.     Suggestion operation temperature                        10-35 0C

    V.     Relative humidity                                                30-80%200C as reference temperature

    W.    Elevation height                                                 Max.1000m

    X.     Compression air:                                                 No lubricationdrying and wipe off humidity with filter 

            Air pressure                                                       6Bar   Dew point+20C

    Y.     Tension control:                                                     6~18kg/full load

    Z.      Cooling water                                                     Filterless than 20


                                                                                          cooling roller entering water temperatureroom temperature+200C):from 15 to 180

                                                                                          central drum recycling water temperature300±20



    AA.  Machine color                                                      RAL3020red+RAL7035cream

    BB.  Machine size(L×W×H):                                      11m×4.5m×5.5 m