Pouch Machine
Multifunctional Pouch Machine

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    Production range:      

    1. Three side seal bags

    2. Three side seal zipper bags

    3. Stand-up bags

    4. Stand-up zipper bags

    5. Stand-up bottom gusset bags

    6. Stand-up bottom guest zipper bags

    7. Four sides seal bags with two side gusset

    8. Seamless stand-up bag

    Main Specifications:
    1. Main electrical equipment:Five servo motor with Matsushita programmable controller(PLC)

    2. Main drive:Servo motor

    3. Temp.control:20 stages

    4. Material type: Laminated film like BOPP.COPP.PET.PVC.NYLON,multi-layer extrusion film.AL.plated film,Paper-Plastic laminated web

    5. Max. bag-making speed:

             Three-edge sealed bag: 3-140 pcs/min
            Self-standing bag:3-130  pcs/min (actual tempo depending on the length and shape of bags to be made) 
            Zipper bag: 3-130  pcs/min (actual tempo depending on the length and shape of bags to be made)
            Stan-up bags with zipper: 3-120  pcs/min (
            Double cutting blade model: 110 pcs/min
    1. Max. reel-out linear speed:≤35M/min (depending on the length and shape of bags to be made)

    2. Dimensions of bags to be made:  Length:three-edge sealed bag 400 mm,Zipper bags 370mm, More length value is realized by multiple-feeding. N=1,2,3,4,5,6 (multiple-feeding)

    width:600 mm(3 side sealed bags); 540mm(Zipper bag, Stand-up bags)
    1. Max. size reeled material:  Ф800mm×1240mm(diameter×width)

    2. Positioning precision:     ≤0.5mm

    3. Heat sealing knife:         Vertical:   4 groups,840mm;    cooling: 4 groups 520mm

                                                      Horizontal: 4 groups 640mm;   cooling: 2 groups 640mm
                                                      Zipper:    2 groups 750mm;    cooling: 2 groups 400mm
    1. Nos. of electric-heating block: 20 pieces

    2. Temp. setting range:         Room temp.~300ºC

    3. Power of entire machine:     58kW

    4. Overall dimensions:         16000 × 2200 × 1900 mm (L × W × H)

    5. Net weight of entire machine: approx. 7500kg

    6. Color:                    Grey color, black body and stainless cover  (customization is available)

    7. Model/type of control system: PLC + 10" Touch screen